Care Tips For Clothing

Ways To Help Us Care For Your Clothing

Have your clothes cleaned frequently. This actually prolongs their soil and stains left too long are sometimes impossible to remove and will cause abrasion of the fabric and wear out the fibers.

Discuss ANY stains with your dry cleaner. Be especially sure to point out light colored or invisible spills such as from soft drinks or white wine. These stains contain sugar which can caramelize and turn brown with the heat of drying unless flushed before dry cleaning. These types of spills if not cleaned will become visible with age.

Bring your garment in for professional care as soon as possible after staining occurs.

Avoid letting your garments come in contact with products containing alcohol such as perfumes, hair spray, colognes and lotions. When these products come in contact with garments they can damage fabrics and dyes. After cleaning these areas could appear as color loss.

Allow deodorants and antiperspirants to dry before dressing. These products may also harm the fabrics and dyes.

Protect your clothing from excessive perspiration. The chloride salts in perspiration seriously weaken delicate fabrics and can also cause dyes to change color.

Protect your clothing from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial light. Bright colors, especially blues and greens tend to oxidize and fade.

Never try to remove a spill by rubbing with a cloth and water. If needed always BLOT- NEVER RUB a spot. Delicate fabrics such as linen and silk will be easily DAMAGED BY RUBBING.

Never iron stained clothing... the heat only sets the stains.

When possible have matching garments cleaned together. This applies to clothing as well as household items such as bedspreads, pillow shams, and draperies.